The Beginning
The Metis Farmers used to live ordinary lives, tending to their livestock and harvesting their crops as you’d typically expect them to. Life for the Farmers was good, and they were happy with what they had, but they could never have guessed their fate… nobody could.
It happened in the form of an event, one that initially went unnoticed by a large majority of the population. There was no great explosion, no magic portal, no visit from an unknown species; just 10,000 Farmers who blipped from existence, disappearing from the face of the Earth without a trace. Nobody knew where they went, only that there must have been a reason for their disappearance.
Meanwhile, the vanished Farmers awoke in unfamiliar territory - a completely new world that they had never seen before. They were surrounded by structures and elements that were completely alien, and clouded by confusion - why were they here? There were clues that surrounded them; the fact that they'd been transported with their tools, and that their new home seemed completely untouched.
The answer to their questions came in the form of a spectral being, who arrived to address the 10,000 Farmers. The being explained why they had been transported to this world, the home planet of their spectral host. He explained that they were a dying race, incapable of harvesting the crops that surrounded them, through the lack of skill and physical ability. They needed the Metis Farmers to help them, to help them to survive.
They must unlock the potential of their new environment, and find value wherever it lies. Maybe, just maybe, they'll find their way home
Our Metaverse

It's hard to find a NFT that's unique and rare.

There are so many low-quality, uninspired NFTs out there, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one.

Metis Farmer is a part of Metis Farm Metaverse — a collection of 10,000 NFTs living in the core of Metis Blockchain.

Each individual NFT is carefully curated from over 100 traits, including some incredible rare 1:1 that can't be found in any other Farmer.

Our vision is to create an amazing project that will shed light, joy, love and creativity on Metis Blockchain!

The genesis NFTs are the first 3000 NFTs in the Metis Farm Metaverse.

Genesis and non-genesis Metis Farmer will be part of the same collection which will be 10,000 Metis Farmer in total.

Genesis Mining will be the first utility for Genesis Holders, this utility will give holders our Governance Token at first, and we will open another reward pool in the future.
Island Airdrop
Limited island Airdrop for Genesis NFT, we will check all the genesis on our mining pool for airdrop. This island will be a key for Metis Farmer Metaverse.
Early Access
Early access to our upcoming utilities



Project Established

Metis Farmer NFT Project Established.


Story Development

Building Story behind the NFT is important, We want to let our holder know what is the project about, and what is the story behind the characters.


System Design

Testing the possibility of the current technology, developing our upcoming utilities with the right blockchain is important and looking at how Metis growth, and how they support the community, it make us want to jump in to the chain.


Official Social Media Account

Twitter and Discord Created for the community building.


Website v1 Launch

Official Metis Farmer NFT Website launched


Partnership with NFT Marketplace

Verifying our NFT Collection on marketplace

3000 Genesis Farmer ready to mint

This is the limited edition collection on Metis Farmer NFT, Genesis Farmer is our first 3000 collection that have more benefit than non-Genesis.

Genesis NFT Mining

Limited Feature for Genesis Holder as we appreciate the early holders, we want to reward them with the mining feature, this feature will reward genesis holder with our Governance Token at first, in the future, we will have another pool for the genesis mining pool, not limited to our Governance Token. We will easily distribute another reward using this system.

Island airdrop for Genesis Holders

Limited island Airdrop for Genesis NFT, we will check all the genesis on our mining pool for airdrop. This island will be a key for Metis Farmer Metaverse.


Updating Play to Earn Whitepaper

Currently we have litepaper and that will be updated for upcoming feature.


We will explore the partnership possibility to grow our community.

Alpha Test for Genesis Holder

We need our holder to test the game before public release and collect all the suggestions in this phase. current alpha game will be offchain.

7000 Regular Farmers ready to mint

A new family will join in to our story.

More team member, faster development

After the pre-alpha and getting all the community suggestions, we will expand our internal team to faster the public release.


As our community grow, and the holder will be more, we will build our Marketplace to be able lower the tax for community, we will do a community vote on the tax. Our Genesis NFT will be have benefit from this.


Beta Phase

It's time to publish the Beta phase, on our Beta phase we will deploy it on the Testnet to make sure that everything is good and we will do a bug bounty system.

Extra Utilities

We want to explore more on the utilities for our nft to grow its value for long-term holders, we have other utilities in mind, and will update it on our whitepaper.

More Coming Soon

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